General members must attend the educational seminar series to learn about finance, modeling, and investing skills. The seminars are taught and led by upperclassmen and experts in the field. An investment project (a stock pitch in a sector of their choice) must be completed at the end of the seminar series in order to be considered for the investment team.


The investment team conducts market research and completes at least 2 stock pitches a semester. These pitches are used to determine the chapter's investment portfolio. Investment team members pitch in various sectors for their first year and then specialize in a specific sector. 


Investment Board members are responsible for listening to the pitches and making appropriate stock recommendations based on the pitches. After listening to the pitches, members must monitor market analytics in order to determine the best time to buy the recommended stocks. The Investment Board is in charge of managing the chapter's Investment Fund.


The Executive Board is in charge of running the day-to-day operations of the chapter and plan events such as guest speakers, symposiums, and corporate treks. Members of the Executive Board include committee chairs and the chapter leadership. Membership for the Executive Board is based on need and vacancies on the existing Board.