Johns Hopkins University’s Chapter of Smart Woman Securities Secures Initial $10,000 Portfolio Investment from Seven Hills Dental


Johns Hopkins’ only all-female finance investment team raises $10,000 as an initial portfolio investment from Dr. Arathi Tiruvur, CEO of Seven Hills Dental, located in Saratoga, California.


BALTIMORE, Mar. 23, 2021 - Smart Woman Securities (SWS), Johns Hopkins’ only investment team dedicated to the education and advancement of women in finance, has secured an initial portfolio investment of $10,000 from the CEO of Seven Hills Dental, Dr. Arathi Tiruvur. This funding will provide the basis for a hands-on investment experience, with members now offered the opportunity to create and manage a funded portfolio. 


After two years of engaging in the MarketWatch Virtual Stock Exchange Simulation, SWS will utilize this investment to expand upon its current educational offerings, affording its members a leg-up in the finance industry as well as in internship and full-time position recruitment. 


Smart Woman Securities Details: 

  • Growth from 6 founders to 40+ general members, including 25 on the Investment Team, since its 2018 founding.

  • Dedicated to furthering women’s careers in the financial services industry as well as bolstering education through experiential learning. 

  • Committed to closing the gender gap in the financial services industry, both on the Johns Hopkins campus as well as worldwide. 

  • Members that have graduated from SWS’ educational seminar series have gone to work for top firms across the financial industry, such as Goldman Sachs, Barclays, Morgan Stanley, and UBS. 


As a female CEO, Dr. Tiruvur has experienced firsthand many of the obstacles and biases women face in male dominated fields. Dr. Tiruvur recognizes the growing presence of women in healthcare and engineering, but the financial services industry is still lagging in terms of gender equality. With her investment, Dr. Tiruvur will foster the continued education and promotion of women in finance in the Johns Hopkins community for years to come. 


About Smart Woman Securities

Founded in 2018 by 6 undergraduate women, Smart Woman Securities aims to provide Hopkins women with the skills and resources to break into and succeed in the finance industry, as well as a life-long, supportive community of women alumni to rely on throughout their careers. All returns realized by the SWS portfolio will be reinvested into the University’s endowment and profits will be allocated to a scholarship fund for Hopkins women pursuing degrees in economics.


About Seven Hills Dental

Founded in 2006, Seven Hills Dental is a private practice dental office in Saratoga, CA. The practice offers a wide range of dental services including preventative care, orthodontics including traditional braces, Myobrace and Invisalign, implants, and oral and maxillofacial surgery and treats patients of all ages. The Seven Hills Dental team is dedicated to providing patients with the personalized, gentle care, and information to help them to make informed decisions about their oral health needs – quality care, one patient at a time.