The mission of SWS is to educate undergraduate women on finance and investing. Through educational seminars, mentoring initiatives and exposure to successful professionals and businesses, SWS provides the guidance and resources upon which women can build greater knowledge of the financial industry.


We believe that SWS can succeed in creating a new generation of women with greater investment knowledge and financial influence. SWS is dedicated to educating its members in the classroom as well as providing interactive experiences that allow our members to engage with successful professionals in the financial industry.


SWS at JHU offers an educational seminar series during the fall, where members learn about finance, investment strategies, and modeling. At the end of the seminar series, members complete an investment project and are considered for a spot on the investment team during the spring. The investment team is responsible for creating a stock portfolio and managing an investment fund. Guest speakers, workshops, and other events are offered to all members throughout the fall and spring semesters.